Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the runtime of a contract with CO2OPT?

2 years. The longer you share data with the CO2OPT algorithms and AI, the more it helps you to optimise your fleet and save money as well as CO2 emissions.)

Does CO2OPT sell my data or share it with 3 parties?

No! The data belongs to you, and we are very aware of that. We are working every hour and using top-notch technology to keep your data safe. We do not make any compromises here. Furthermore, we only use your data to improve the user experience of our platform or create anonymized reports to show the behaviour of the logistics industry.

Where are the CO2OPT servers located?

The servers are in Germany. We are working with the biggest and most trusted cloud service provider in the EU – AWS.

How does CO2OPT get my telematics data?

There are two options. In the first option (recommended), you can share your telematics data digitally with CO2OPT. REST APIs allow us to get the data directly as well as constantly from the servers of the telematics provider after you grant us access. The second option, you can share your telematics data manually with the “CSV-upload” function built in with the App. All telematics provider offer a feature to download your data in a CSV file. A regular upload of such files allows us to give you updates. However, live tracking and having the full experience to reach all saving potentials is only possible by allowing the data integration with the help of REST APIs. 

Is CO2OPT neutral?

YES! The founders of CO2OPT have deep roots in the tire industry and in the past were more and more confronted that the market was getting impacted by a shrinking independent dealer base. Thus, CO2OPT's algorithms and other features are fully operating on facts to ensure that the fleet operators can make the best decisions for their business independently.

How does the De-Minimis application service from CO2OPT work? (German fleets only) 

During the onboarding process and always in your company profile you can let us know that you would like to use De-Minims funds for tires and tires service costs. If you do so, you can use our fully automatic De-minimis application service, where you allow us to hand in all paperwork for you. This service is included in the premium packages and is structured as easily and intuitive as all other features we offer.

What is included in the free version?

By registering for free on our platform you can create a digital twin of your fleet. This means you will have a great overview of your fleet, which you most likely never had before in such detail. On top, you will get exact figures on how high your individual potential savings are. Afterwards, we can talk business. ;-)

How does CO2OPT earn money?

CO2OPT generates revenue by selling the different features of the platform to fleets. In addition, we are taking a commission fee once fleets close tire management contracts with tire suppliers. Nevertheless, neutrality of the platform is guaranteed at all times.  

Can I invite other fleets to use the CO2OPT Platform? (Promotion program) 

It is great if you are that satisfied with the services of CO2OPT and thus we are happy to reward you and the invited fleet with three months of fully refunded fees.

Aren't "retread" tires dangerous?

You always have the option to not include retread tires, hot or cold, in your individual tire management strategy. However, the retread technology has been developed over decades now and the product quality has become great by meeting the highest safety regulations. Therefore, you should consider this technology as a vital part to save costs and to make a positive environmental impact.   

Why is CO2OPT better in tire management than tire dealer or tire industry consultations?

First of all, professional tire management can just be done with good tires produced by the tire industry as well as great services from tire dealers. CO2OPT helps with its expertise in data analytics and AI to connect the dots so that the best match between the individual needs of a fleet, tire products, and services is being made. CO2OPT has the goal to enable each fleet, small or huge, to gain access with just a few clicks to the best tire management deals so that a positive impact financially and environmentally is being made.

With whom does the fleet sign a contract if a tire management deal is being made?

Always with the tire supplier directly. CO2OPT only helps to find the best match between the fleet and the supplier. In addition, we support operating processes afterwards, such as sharing the mileage data, if the fleet gives us permission to do so.

If I know the best tire for my fleet, why do I need to stay so long in business with CO2OPT?

We do not believe in short-term business relations. The CO2OPT platform and its technologies become a bit better every day as the fleet gets more optimized. In addition, the dashboard features as one of the examples will give you regular operational suggestions on what to avoid or where to take precautions actions to finally achieve the expected savings. Finally, we grant you a certificate for achieved CO2 emission savings if we also analyzed the operations with our certified method.

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